The Prop Wash Pod: A podcast highlighting stories from warriors of the Air Force Security Service. 

  • Episode 1:  Inaugural chat with retired Chief Master Sergeant Mel Hagan, veteran of the Security Service during the Vietnam War, and resident of Okinawa, Japan for over 41 years.
  • Episode 2: Vol 1 of 4 with retired Senior Master Sergeant Larry Tart, Cold War Russian linguist and Airborne Mission Supervisor; founder of the Prop Wash Gang and Security Service memorials; author extraordinaire of The Price of Vigilance and the Freedom Through Vigilance USAFSS history tomes.

Episode 3: Vol 3 of 4 with retired Senior Master Sergeant Larry Tart. This episode focuses on his life after active duty. We touch on his work toward building memorials for the Soviet shootdown of the C-130 reconnaissance aircraft, and the memorial at Syracuse University for the seven Air Force language students who perished in a fire, as well as establishing the Prop Wash Gang, and researching and authoring the two aforementioned histories.

Video of the dedication ceremony at Syracuse University is located here: